Supporting your body and mind to recover and recharge is so important. Whether you’re an athlete, a weekend fitness fanatic, or someone who simply wants enhance self-care and wellbeing, an effective recovery ritual incorporated into your weekly health program will substantially improve your training, performance, sleep and mood.

What we do at Recovery Lab is facilitate all of that in one comfortable, convenient space, with all the very latest scientifically-proven equipment. Want to know how Recovery Lab can help you? Call us on (03) 8899 7423 - you won't believe how good you can feel!

Our studio is conveniently located in the heart of Windsor at 4 White Street, close to public transport links. There is limited street parking in White Street, however a two-hour car park is located in James Street, just 100m from the studio.


We aim to redefine how you recover, refresh and revitalise your body and mind after physical training programs or the demands of everyday life. We give you the tools and know-how to perform at your peak, feel better and cope better in your athletic pursuits, career and personal life.

- Reduces muscle soreness
- Reduces stiffness
- Reduces lactic acid build up
- Improves blood circulation
- Reduces fatigue
- Improves overall recovery
- $30 for 30 mins, $50 for 60 min

- Detoxifies your body
- Improves your quality of sleep
- Relieves sore muscles
- Relieves joint pain
- Improves blood circulation
- Helps achieve clearer, tighter skin
- $30 for 30 mins, $50 for 60 mins

- Accelerates recovery
- Pain management
- Reduces muscle damage
- Increases explosive strength
- Avoids training fatigue
- Scientifically proven
- $30 for 30 mins, $50 for 60 mins

- Improves emotional state and quality of sleep
- Increases energy levels
- FDA approved and endorsed by Tony Robbins
- Lowers heart rate & blood pressure
- Enhances immune function
- Lowers stress hormone production
- $45 for 30 mins

- Flushes out toxins
- Soothes sore muscles
- Boosts immune system
- Relieves inflammation
- Eases fatigue
- Improves sleep patterns
- $30 for 30 mins

- Releases lactic acid
- Improves blood flow
- Combats soreness
- Relieves muscle spasms
- Injury prevention
- Improves performance
- Complimentary to all studio clients


Recovery isn’t just for athletes. We want to make the benefits of self-care, recovery and wellbeing accessible to everyone, that's why affordable pricing is a key Recovery Lab principle.

Compression Boots, the Infrared Sauna and Compex, are charged at $30.00 for a 30-minute session and $50.00 for 60-minute session. Ice Baths are $30.00 for 30-minutes.

We offer our massage guns as a complimentary add-on to all clients. We also have several flexible membership options available that will save you even more money, so call us on (03) 8899 7423 to discuss a membership plan that works for you and factor a fully effective recovery ritual into your training or lifestyle program.


"Some people think recovery is stretching or taking a day off from the gym. But I can do more in the gym because I'm recovering properly and don't pull up as sore. My performance has really improved."

"I went to the complimentary session, then one more after that. From there I bought a membership because I believed in the products. I knew they were benefiting me and it was affordable."

"Because I'm doing recovery properly, I don't get injured as much, so I'm saving money on injury treatments. Last year I didn't have to go to a physio at all."

"I noticed my sleep improved dramatically, it's eased my anxiety and the sauna has been great for my skin."