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Embark on your wellness and recovery journey with our 10-Day Experience at Recovery Lab Braddon.

This introductory package is designed to familiarise you with our unique approach to wellbeing. Includes all access to our industry leading modalities including:

Infrared Saunas | Ice Bath | Compression Technology | NuCalm and Compex (Electric Muscle Stimulation)

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What we offer at recovery lab braddon

Whether you’re looking for relief post-workout, a moment of relaxation after a hectic workday or something to soothe the soul after a big weekend, our suite of recovery modalities at Recovery Lab Braddon are here to help you feel your best. Backed by science, our modalities are suitable for all disciplines, capabilities, injuries and ages. Contact us today to find out what modality will best suit your needs.

10 DAY EXPERIENCE for just $79

  • 10 Days unlimited access to our studio
  • 30 minute bookings
  • Available for new clients only

VIp membership just $49 Per Week

  • Limited memberships availble
  • Unlimited access to all modalities in studio
  • Usually $79pw – Saving $30pw!
  • Month to Month agreement
  • VIP members pack


Just hear what our customers have to say.

Monique Garland
Monique Garland
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What a wonderful experience the Recovery Lab is! Matt is a knowledgeable, passionate and welcoming small business owner. I am thrilled that Townsville now has these facilities available. Ice Bath – I was coached through my first experience. The service was one on one, personalised to my needs and the aftereffects were so invigorating
Taylor Barnes - Compex
Taylor Barnes - Compex
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Such an awesome place to go when you’re not feeling 100% or just want to maximise your recovery. The staff are extremely friendly and welcoming with good knowledge on how everything works. I was most amazed by the Compex, I have struggled with quite severe back strain for months and am finally feeling little to no pain with just a few 30 minute sessions using the compex. All of the options they offer are amazing and I would 100% recommend to anyone looking to boost their recovery and general well-being.
Amy - NuCalm
Amy - NuCalm
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Can’t even begin to describe how good this felt. I came out feeling so relaxed and I can’t wait to see how I sleep tonight
Nikita – Ice Bath
Nikita – Ice Bath
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I was curious to see how it would help with my knee injury. I went in pretty sore, as the previous day consisted of a run and leg day. I definitely have noticed a decrease in pain and inflammation in the last 12 hours. I am pretty impressed and keen for my next one.
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Lauren is so welcoming and willing to listen and help. I deal with so many people every day on different levels. Her and Matt have created a beautiful, calm and happy place, especially for business people like me who need a little “me” time.

Merging trusted expertise with advanced technology

Our Recovery Lab Braddon team is composed of industry professionals with a wealth of experience in the field of wellness and recovery. We assure you that you’re in capable hands with us, enabling you to regain your peak performance swiftly and safely.


At Recovery Lab Braddon, our paramount focus is on fostering the wellness of your mind and body, aiding in their recovery and rejuvenation.

Whether you’re an elite athlete, a passionate fitness enthusiast, or someone seeking to uplift their self-care and wellbeing, incorporating our effective recovery rituals into your routine can enhance your training output, performance levels, sleep quality, and overall mood significantly.

At Recovery Lab Braddon, we are dedicated to your needs, offering a range of recovery solutions in a cozy, accessible location. Our advanced, scientifically-backed equipment ensures you achieve tangible results.

Curious about how Recovery Lab can contribute to your wellbeing journey? Don’t hesitate to reach us at, or drop by to meet our team in person and kick-start your path to recovery!


Our Recovery Lab Braddon studio is strategically situated for your convenience at 24 Mort Street, Braddon 2161.


Recovery Lab Braddon have three flexible membership options tailored to suit your needs and budget. Reach out to us to explore a membership plan that aligns with your wellness goals, and incorporate an effective recovery ritual into your fitness or lifestyle regimen for an enhanced wellbeing journey



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