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10 Day Experience at Recovery Lab Bundall


Immerse yourself in our recovery modalities for 10 days and make recovery a ritual! Relax, refresh and reinvigorate with access to infrared saunas, ice baths and compression boots at Recovery Lab Bundall. Just drop by our wellness studio in Bundall, Gold Coast to try this limited offer!

Welcome to Recovery Lab Bundall

Recovery Lab, Bundall is a wellness and recovery centre on the Gold Coast, home to a range of recovery modalities designed to maximise physical and mental recovery from the demands of everyday life. Located near the Gold Coast Beaches, we offer ice baths, infrared saunas, and other modalities that aim to assist in your recovery and wellness.

If you’re an athlete, a weekend fitness fanatic, or someone who simply wants to enhance self-care and wellbeing, and effective recovery ritual incorporated into your weekly health program will substantially improve your training, performance, sleep, and mood.

What we do at Recovery Lab is facilitate all of that in one comfortable, convenient space, with all the very latest scientifically-proven equipment. Want to know how Recovery Lab can help you? Contact us at – you won’t believe how good you can feel!

Why Choose Recovery Lab Bundall?

Whether you’re looking for relief post-workout, a moment of relaxation after a hectic workday or something to soothe the soul after a big weekend, our suite of recovery modalities at Recovery Lab Bundall  are here to help you feel your best. Backed by science, our modalities are suitable for all disciplines, capabilities, injuries and ages. 

  • Advanced Recovery Techniques: We offer a range of innovative recovery methods, including Compex, infrared saunas, ice baths, and more.
  • Expert Team: Our skilled professionals are dedicated to providing personalised care and guidance.
  • Community Focus: At Recovery Lab, we believe in building a supportive wellness community.

Our studio is conveniently located in 2a/106 Bundall Road, Bundall 4217, QLD. Contact us today to see how we can help.


We also have a range of membership options and packages available that will save you even more money, so contact us to discuss a membership plan that works for you and factor a fully effective recovery ritual into your training or lifestyle program.

our services.

Book one or multiple modalities during your visit with us. Have a chat with our team to discuss the best use and combination of modalities to best suit your needs and goals.

NuCalm | Infrared Saunas | Compression Technology | Ice Baths | Hot Baths and Compex (EMS)

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Download our app or book online to visit us today – our doors are open for you to experience the best in wellness and recovery. Stop by Recovery Lab Bundall today and take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant you.


Ready to transform your recovery journey? Visit Recovery Lab Bundall and find out how our services can benefit you.



Shower, Toilet

Changing Room

Hot Magnesium

2 NuCalm

2 Infrared Saunas

6 Compression Boots

2 Ice Baths