A compex or Electric muscle stimulator is a device that works wonders for your aching body post-training to attain muscle recovery by flushing out those excess toxins.

Whether you are a pro athlete or training professional, this science-based recovery tool was designed to accelerate muscle recovery.

At Recovery Lab, we let you experience the amazing benefits of a compex muscle stimulator in Australia.

Accelerate your recovery process and flush off unwanted toxins the painless way through the renewal of blood and nutrients into muscles.

If in doubt, Recovery Lab is the arena to experience the benefits of a compex muscle stimulator.


The success of our electrical muscle stimulation device works largely through replication. From natural processes to end results upon which EMS relies on and stimulates.

EMS specifically seeks to transmit electrical impulses throughout the central nervous system which would otherwise be transmitted by the brain. The initiation of deep muscular contractions or the end result, in short, is also replicated.

While it curbs the management of pain, Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is also great at improving sport-specific skills and strength. As a scientifically backed device, EMS will show you an increase in your explosive health as well as a reduction in muscle damage.

Step on your path to recovery as you shed those excess toxins without the addition of stress to ligaments, or joints.