Recovery Lab Windsor

Recovery Lab was established with one goal in mind…. Helping individuals not only feel better but to cope better with everything life throws at us!! In a day where we are consumed by the digital world the team at Recovery Lab put a high priority on ensuring that each individual leaves after their session feeling Relaxed, Refreshed and Recharged.


Our founder Matt put a high value and importance on creating a space that all our loyal members and customers feel comfortable in. From day one it’s been about building a community of likeminded people that are striving daily to be better than we were the previous day. Whether that been in your work, sport or personal life we are all about growth and development. Having been through his own personal experience with a mental and physical breakdown in 2017, Matt lives and breathes the RL motto of being PROCATIVE NOT REACTIVE. by religiously scheduling the use of the Infrared Sauna, Ice Bath and Compression Boots into his week to have him functioning at his optimum every day.