Why use Recovery Boots?

Are you feeling sore after exercise or sport?

Muscle soreness, pain or fatigue can be felt after any form of exercise and is generally a result of micro-trauma to muscle tissue and inflammation. This leads to accumulation of metabolic by-products, lactate and creatine, which our bodies cannot completely remove during exercise or a cool-down. It is essential that these by-products are removed via the venous and lymphatic systems to help promote muscle recovery and enhance performance.

Why use Recovery Boots for muscle soreness?

Compression boot technology helps to increase the venous return and rapidly accelerates the body’s reabsorption of elements causing muscle fatigue and soreness. Specific compression levels can increase circulation at all levels of the venous system, including deep veins, saphenous veins, superficial veins and perforator veins, effectively removing metabolic waste faster than any traditional method of recovery or rest alone. This technology is based on the latest clinical studies on muscle physiology and sports injury recovery. Active compression not only relieves symptoms of damage to the muscular system, it can tackle the cause of muscle soreness at the source and thereby improve performance.


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