Recovery Boots Terms and Conditions

All membership terms & conditions have been established to ensure maximum enjoyment and usage of the Recovery Boots. On acceptance by Recovery Lab of this agreement you will be referred to as the “member” and have the usage rights and obligation as detailed below.



Recovery Boot Hire commences on the date stated on the subscription agreement. Hire includes the cost of the shipping of the boots to and from the user at the completion of the TERM as authorised by Recovery Lab


Recovery Lab uses an external company to manage the direct debit payment system. When paying your membership monthly via this method. All fees incurred by us due to dishonored payments will be recovered on your next debit along with reasonable administrative costs (this may be in addition to any fees incurred to you from EziDebit Pty or your bank. Please check all direct debit documentation is correct. No Refunds of any kind.


recovery Boot contract terms (1, 3 or 6 months) are agreed to be paid for by you each week/fortnight/month or pre paid. Contract terms are to be a continual period. For contracts of 3, 6 or 12 months, a 1 (one) month cooling off period is available. If after 30 days you wish to cancel, it must be done so in writing before the 30 day expiration, otherwise membership debits will continue.