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Tired or sore after sport, exercise or a hard day at work? Regular use of compression boots can help you get back to your best faster and can be used safely and efficiently in the comfort of your own home.

- 0 - 240mmHg pressure
- Six program modes to suit your needs
- Four-chamber leg system
- Reduces muscle soreness
- Reduces stiffness
- Reduces lactic acid build up
- Improves blood circulation
- Reduces fatigue
- Improves overall recovery and mobility

Under 180cm - Standard Sizing
Above 180cm - Large

Recovery with compression boots

Known to enhance venous circulation at all levels, compression is the ultimate reliever of stiffness, fatigue, soreness and acid build-up of the muscles. The Normatec compression boots are the perfect solution to relieve a host of ailments, even if your legs are swamped after a tiring day at work or a session at the gym.

With unique gear such as ours that repair with compression, recovery is guaranteed for your sore and injured muscles.

It’s the latest clinical research on sports injuries and muscle physiology, that takes our recovery pump compression boots up a notch. Having a direct effect on pain relief and damage to your muscles, the boots for recovery dig deep to their roots in the elimination of muscle injury and damage.

If the boot fits…

Your search for that one boot that fits all ends here. Having defied reality, our leg recovery boots in Australia are for anyone and everyone.

Optimise your body’s endurance and efficiency with our boots for recovery. Where performance and efficiency is concerned, it is recovery that drives an athlete Whether you’re following an exhilarating session at the gym or a sporting event, your body will require time to recover.

The stress is on the legs, especially if you’ve fulfilled a taxing day of work at the hospital, school or even construction site. Despite your disciple, capability or age, the Normatec recovery pump boots are exceptional at actively repairing injured muscles and soreness.