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We’re proud of our clients for taking the time to learn about and implement an regular self-care practice. These are stories from people who feel better and cope better thanks to the support Recovery Lab’s like-minded community.  

Monique Garland
Monique GarlandTownsville
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What a wonderful experience the Recovery Lab is! Matt is a knowledgeable, passionate and welcoming small business owner. I am thrilled that Townsville now has these facilities available. Ice Bath – I was coached through my first experience. The service was one on one, personalised to my needs and the aftereffects were so invigorating
Zac Hary (Member)
Zac Hary (Member)Townsville
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Seriously this place is the best thing that has come to Townsville!  In regards to health and fitness; recovery is highly important in order for your muscles to grow and repair and the team here at Recovery Lab Townsville have made it so much easier for my body to recover and prevent any injuries occurring from the strenuous amounts of training and physical activity that I do.  With the fantastic services they offer such as ice baths and infrared saunas (just to name a few) My body has been feeling so much better and my risks of injury have dropped massively because I am able to recover much faster than normal.  I have made attending sessions at Recovery Lab Townsville part of my weekly routine. If you are someone that is big on your overall health and well-being then I highly suggest you check out Recovery Lab.
Taylor Barnes - Compex
Taylor Barnes - CompexTownsville
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Such an awesome place to go when you’re not feeling 100% or just want to maximise your recovery. The staff are extremely friendly and welcoming with good knowledge on how everything works. I was most amazed by the Compex, I have struggled with quite severe back strain for months and am finally feeling little to no pain with just a few 30 minute sessions using the compex. All of the options they offer are amazing and I would 100% recommend to anyone looking to boost their recovery and general well-being.
Natasha Brown (Member)
Natasha Brown (Member)Townsville
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NuCalm is a godsend
Ben Agar – Boots (Member)
Ben Agar – Boots (Member)Townsville
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I am getting better results from compression boots than from dry needling and massage
Amy - NuCalm
Amy - NuCalmTownsville
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Can’t even begin to describe how good this felt. I came out feeling so relaxed and I can’t wait to see how I sleep tonight
Crystal – NuCalm
Crystal – NuCalmTownsville
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I immediately felt the most rested I’ve felt since I don’t know when.
Nikita – Ice Bath
Nikita – Ice BathTownsville
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I was curious to see how it would help with my knee injury. I went in pretty sore, as the previous day consisted of a run and leg day. I definitely have noticed a decrease in pain and inflammation in the last 12 hours. I am pretty impressed and keen for my next one.
Cameron Smith –Ice Bath (Member)
Cameron Smith –Ice Bath (Member)Townsville
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They are the single best thing I have done to build resilience
Chloe Townsville
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My favourite recovery place
Nicole (Member)
Nicole (Member)Townsville
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Lauren is so welcoming and willing to listen and help. I deal with so many people every day on different levels. Her and Matt have created a beautiful, calm and happy place, especially for business people like me who need a little “me” time.
Dr Matt Worthington
Dr Matt WorthingtonTownsville
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Brilliant! I am a clinical psychologist and would highly recommend this place for enhancing inner peace.
Caity Merrit
Caity MerritRichmond
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Amazing place for muscle recovery & rejuvenation. If you're looking to increase training performance or simply feel better- this is the place for you. Staff are friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
Simba (Navjeet Dhaliwal)
Simba (Navjeet Dhaliwal)Richmond
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This place is my relaxation sanctuary, I come in a couple of times throughout the week and it resets me for the next day at work.
Glenn Thomson
Glenn ThomsonRichmond
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Recovery Lab has been very beneficial in helping me balance my training and recovery. The ability to be able to use multiple recovery tools in the one visit is fast tracking my recovery following workouts. I've found that I've been able to trainmore consistently at a higher level throughout the week and it's improved my sleep at nights. The team are knowledgeable which makes for a great experience every time.