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space to breathe.

The ancient practice of directing the breath is called Pranayama, and it teaches you to breathe consciously, with awareness, and with intent.

Today, breathwork has evolved to include many new techniques that focus on the use of breathing exercises as a means of therapy and self-healing.

Join Ella, Recovery Lab’s Breath Specialist, on a series of guided breath work videos that can be used in a sauna, ice-bath or simply at home in a quiet space. 

Choose Your journey

Calming sauna

The time you spend in your sauna is your special time to unwind, and it’s ultimately up to you to find out what works for you to do this most effectively. So get sweating and trying out new things!

Breath of Fire

Breath of fire is quick-paced, rhythmic, and sustained for a long period of time. Your inhale and exhale time is equal, with no pause in between breath. You should have two to three cycles of breathing in and out per second once you master breath of fire.

"Breathwork is a powerful way to access your body’s innate intelligence to heal itself".