Massage Guns

Recovery By Vibration

Using massage guns for vibrational therapy is ideal for combating muscle pain. With Recovery Lab’s guidance, the device can significantly decrease lactic acid levels and improve lymphatic and blood flow.  

Proven  Benefits

Massage guns work to accelerate your recovery process and soothe areas of injury by using quick bursts of vibration to ease muscle pain and inflammation. Making your muscles flexible and supple in the process, this device is an efficient booter of energy for your injured or fatigued body.  

Not only is this aid great for recovery, but it also works wonders when warming up for an intense workout or a physically demanding workday. 


The Hypervolt Massage Gun

The Hypervolt Massage Gun by Hyperice offers the best relief in percussion massage therapy on the market. Their advanced technology is designed to reduce lactic acid build-up, minimise inflammation, and relax muscles toward recovery.  

This deep muscle massage gun is the perfect solution for athletes, workers or anyone looking for a quick solution to common injuries and muscle fatigue.