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WELCOME TO Recovery lab cairns

Welcome to Recovery Lab Cairns. Cairns best Recovery and Wellness studio designed to maximise your physical and mental recovery from the demands of every day life.

At Recovery Lab Cairns, supporting your mind and body, helping it to recover and recharge is our primary goal.

Whether you’re an athlete, a weekend fitness fanatic, or someone who simply wants to enhance self-care and wellbeing, an effective recovery ritual incorporated into your weekly health program will substantially improve your training, performance, sleep and mood.

At Recovery Lab Cairns, we support your needs by facilitating the appropriate recovery solutions in one comfortable, convenient space, with the most advanced, scientifically-proven equipment to achieve results.

Featuring industry leading Infrared Saunas, Ice Baths, Compression Technology, NuCalm and Compex, Recovery Lab Cairns is your go to destination for all things wellness and recovery.

Want to know how Recovery Lab Cairns can help you? Contact us at or come in and meet the team today to get started on your recovery journey!

What we offer at recovery lab cairns

Whether you’re looking for relief post-workout, a moment of relaxation after a hectic workday or something to soothe the soul after a big weekend, our suite of recovery modalities at Recovery Lab Cairns are here to help you feel your best. Backed by science, our modalities are suitable for all disciplines, capabilities, injuries and ages. Contact us today to find out what modality will best suit your needs.


This non-invasive service gently guides your mind away from stress and anxiety, leading you into a tranquil state akin to the early stages of sleep. Ideal for mental clarity, reducing anxiety, and improving sleep quality, NuCalm is an essential tool for anyone seeking to balance a busy lifestyle with mental wellness.

compression tech

Designed for athletes and active individuals alike, these boots use dynamic compression technology to enhance circulation, accelerate recovery, and alleviate muscle fatigue. Perfect after a rigorous workout or a long day, our Compression Boots help reduce swelling, improve lymphatic drainage, and soothe sore muscles. 

infrared saunas

Unlike conventional saunas, the infrared heat directly warms your body at a lower, more comfortable temperature, allowing for longer, more beneficial sessions. Ideal for muscle recovery, improving circulation, and stress relief, this serene experience helps in purging toxins, easing pain, and enhancing your overall wellbeing.

ice baths

Plunge into our specially designed cold water baths to experience the immediate benefits of this age-old practice. Cold Water Therapy is excellent for reducing muscle inflammation, enhancing circulation, and improving mental focus. Our baths are set at 8 – 10degrees.

compex (EMS)

Compex is an innovative tool that uses electrical impulses to activate muscle fibers, aiding in strength development, recovery, and rehabilitation. Ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, it helps in reducing muscle tension, accelerating recovery time, and preventing injuries. 


Discover Wellness at Recovery Lab, Centrally Located in Westcourt

Visit Recovery Lab, ideally situated for your convenience at Shop 7, 198-204 Mulgrave Road, Westcourt. Our central location makes us the perfect destination for those seeking premier wellness and recovery services in the Westcourt area. Whether you’re local or visiting, our studio’s easy accessibility ensures your journey to enhanced wellness is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Join us at Recovery Lab in Westcourt, where your health and recovery journey is our priority.


Maximise Savings with Recovery Lab’s Flexible Membership Plans

At Recovery Lab, we offer a variety of flexible membership options tailored to fit your lifestyle and budget. These cost-effective plans are designed to provide you with the best value, allowing you to save more while enjoying our top-notch recovery services. Whether it’s for training enhancement or lifestyle improvement, incorporating a fully effective recovery ritual is essential.

To find a membership plan that suits your specific needs, contact us today. Let us help you integrate the ideal recovery solution into your routine, ensuring you get the most out of your time at Recovery Lab.

Discover the best time to enjoy your infrared sauna sessions for maximum health benefits. Dive into our detailed analysis of morning vs. evening sessions, exploring how the timing aligns with your body's natural rhythms for enhanced metabolism, mental clarity, relaxation, and detoxification. Learn the ideal temperatures and durations for your sauna experience.


Just hear what our customers have to say.

Anna B
Anna B
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At Recovery Lab in Cairns. I've discovered a haven for my well-being. My favourites are the ice baths, sauna and compression. I love that you can book through the app and each visit is a tailored experience. Oh and the staff are amazing! Thank you for always looking after us. Recovery Lab has truly crafted a space that resonates with my journey to wellness.
Christopher D
Christopher D
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As someone who has ongoing knee injuries and swelling, Recovery Lab Cairns has been a Godsend! My trainer and physio recommended ice baths for my recovery and since going to Recovery Lab, I have seen real results. I am able to get back into playing tennis on a regular basis and Recovery Lab is now part of my weekly routine as well. The team at Recovery Lab are friendly and accommodating and can show you around with all they have to offer. From ice baths, compression boots, sauna and more - there is something for everyone!
Scott R
Scott R
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Such an awesome place. Everything is incredibly clean and maintained. The team are second to none at helping you achieve your recovery goals. Can’t say enough great things about Cairns Recovery Lab. keep it up legends

the lab experience.

The Lab

You can find Recovery Lab Cairns at Shop 7, 189-204 Mulgrave Rd, Westcourt. Street parking on Aumuller St and Earl St. Rooftop is available until 6:30pm with access via Earl St.


Come in and see one of the team at Reception if you haven’t already checked in via the app. We will then guide you to your modality.

Sauna Rooms

Our Sauna rooms are completely private spaces which will enable you to completely relax and switch off for your booking. You can also share with a friend for an upgraded fee.

Wet Area

At Recovery Lab Cairns we feature the Cold Tub baths which can be both hot and cold. Our ice baths are set between 8-10 degrees and is in a semi private space. You will have a bath completely to yourself for the duration of your booking or you can share with a friend.

Change Rooms

At Recovery Lab Cairns we will have a shower and change rooms for those that need to get changed at the Lab or have a freshen up before heading off. 

Meet the owners

Meet the owners Andrea (Tiz) and Jason (Locky) who have a combined 35 years Army service. Tiz has been a QFES Firefighter loves to compete in powerlifting and enjoys hiking. Locky has trainer martial arts for over 10 years and is currently involved in BJJ. He enjoys geopolitics and won’t walk past a buffet breakfast.


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