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Dr. Susanna Søberg on the Benefits of Cold Therapy

insights into Cold Water Therapy


Dive into the transformative world of cold water therapy with insights from a recent Whoop podcast featuring Dr. Susanna Søberg, a distinguished winter swimming expert, best-selling author, and scientist specialising in metabolism under stress and rest.

In this eye-opening conversation with Kristen Holmes, Whoop’s VP of Performance Science, Dr. Søberg delves into the intriguing science behind subjecting ourselves to adapting to cold shock and the myriad of physical and mental benefits it can unlock. The discussion focuses on the molecular changes that occur during cold water exposure, shedding light on how it can stimulate metabolism, enhance resilience, and contribute to overall well-being.

For those new to the practice, the podcast provides valuable guidance on easing into cold water plunging safely. Dr. Søberg shares insights into the gradual adaptation process, emphasising the importance of a mindful and controlled approach. Whether you’re intrigued by the potential metabolism-boosting effects or seeking mental clarity through cold water therapy, this podcast serves as a comprehensive guide.

At Recovery Lab, we recognise the profound impact of holistic wellness practices, and cold water immersion is no exception. This podcast aligns with our ethos of providing science-backed insights to our community. As you embark on your wellness journey, consider incorporating safe and informed cold water practices, and stay tuned for more expert perspectives and valuable resources from Recovery Lab. Embrace the discomfort, unlock the benefits, and join us on the path to optimized well-being.



  • 4:00 – What happens to the skin during cold exposure
  • 9:18 – Adapting to cold shock
  • 13:14 – The difference between brown fat in men and women
  • 16:10 – Other ways to activate brown fat through cold exposure
  • 22:13 – How scientists discovered brown fat
  • 26:50 – The best time to do cold plunges
  • 31:20 – How cold exposure impacts sleep
  • 36:15 – How long people should be in the cold water
  • 46:40 – What is the #SøbergPrinciple
  • 49:30 – The optimal water temperature to benefit from cold therapy
  • 55:32 – Combining cold therapy with your workout routine
  • 1:01 – How to get over the mental barrier of the cold

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